Large Format Solutions

Are you continuously sending your CAD and hard copy drawings, designs, and posters out to be professionally printed? Why not print them yourself with one of our many different printer options. Never again be left waiting for a print shop to finish the job.

What printer do I need?

What you need your printer for will decide which type to buy. For detailed drawings, mechanical designs, CAD plotters, banners and large posters or large format printers, we have what you need.

We have the brands!

Large format: KIP
CAD: HP Designjet series

We cater to all your business needs

You will need more than just your printer to get you started, so we also sell all you need to go with your printer. We have the paper rolls and the ink and toner to allow your designs to come to life. If you don’t want to buy a printer then why not let us print your designs for you at our experienced copyshop.

We also carry a wide range of office chairs and furniture. Call us today for all your office needs!